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America - The Challenge and the Hope - Video

Rudolf Steiner predicted these times we have chosen to live in and told us we need to fearlessly face whatever comes. Wow! The contents of this film I have just been inspired to make may be overwhelming in scope and intensity for many people as if references the enormity of the issues facing humanity today.. namely. the very ongoing survival of our earth and humanity itself. But hopefully this work will also aid in an awakening of consciousness and empathy to the importance of ALL OF US being here now and GIVE US appreciation of the earnest heartfelt striving of our nation’s exemplary citizens of all backgrounds and all those courageously fighting for spiritual freedom today.

Please focus on your unique part to give in being alive now on the earth. Above all, on how can you live more deeply manifest your humanity as a counter force to the intense adversary attacks we are experiencing. If you are so called, take up activism for your communities at any level local food, BD agriculture, gmo’s and 5g installations, health freedom, etc. Plant the garden, love the elementals, take care of the earth, pray daily, call on Christ, the Holy Mother, and angels and beloved dead and the spiritual world. Meditate, read to the sick and the dead, call a shut in and play your musical instrumentor sing for them. Establish a relationship with a child and enjoy riddles, stories, and have them send you their drawings, cook a meal a few times a week for a family in need, help needy families with practical work, the list is endless, Human love, human caring, human empathy, human sharing. Find what you can give... and GIVE IT AWAY in reverence, devotion and gratitude for the holy and supreme Christ/ Sophia powers that can work through us all and into the world in doing so!

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