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Jan 1 Holy Nights


It seems almost surreal that we are here in 2022 - leaving a year filled with deep challenges to the world and all of humanity and having to face our inner soul issues as well as how we are manifesting our missions in the world. It is very clear we are challenged to the core of our being on what it means to be human in a world moving into transhumanism and state governmental control of the individual's basic human rights and freedom...

Never has it been more crucial that we recognize we are part of a great community of the human/divine spiritual entities, in heaven, on earth, and we are all in this together. We can hardly take hope unless we realize how important our beloved 'so called' dead are as they are urgently wanting us to realize their involvement in our lives. They have perspective we don't have... being disembodied they are free to be omnipresent 24/7 with no worries for food, shelter, car payments, medical crisis, bodily pain, or entangled politics.

Our connections to them take place through our continuous loving remembrance, gratitude for our lives together, joyful music and good cheer, rejoicing in what we loved and shared together, good food, fellowship, music, scents of flowers great ball games, and engaging them and the divine powers of the Christ the Holy merciful Sophia Holy Mother and guardian spirit of freedom, Micha-el to BE HERE NOW! So while they can KNOW in ways we can't only we can DO and change things here for the better with out inner and outer deeds and work

With this offering to begin this incredible year I am taking the voice of a dear man and Anthroposophist, Francis Edmunds who founded Emerson College in England. Here in an address honoring a brave medical doctor who had just transitioned who worked in the Camphill communities. Edmunds gives us a deeper view of the Parsifal Grail story, an archetypal story for our time in history and the steps in development we need to make. Above all in this telling he emphasizes how those who have died are a MAJOR guiding influence in the lives of their loved ones living on the earth and fulfilling their missions.

I am urging you to remember, and to help others realize that what was experienced as great loss in a biography, an early death of a mother, sibling, child, etc. also means a loving presence has been there in the spiritual world deeply concerned about their welfare and life. And we can be of assistance to those on the other side in their journey as well.. This realization can help turn a picture of one's biography of sadness and abandonment to a realization we are loved by the ever present divine powers but our own wide and deep karmic network of loved ones. May this be of inspiration going forward for all the days of the coming year!!


Nancy Below some of my renditions of Parsifal on Good Friday and on the way to the Grail castle.......


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