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America 2022 

Romanism, Christ/Michael/Sophia and the Incarnation of the Anti Christ

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The Call From Heaven - A Little Child Tells his Parents He is Coming Into Their Lives!

A heart warming true story about destiny and how our journey in life is inspired by angels and the immortal spirits of loved ones bringing blessings from the spiritual world.

The Holy Mother-The Holy Child, and Our Babies


A gentle story of the sacred wonder of life, Raphael's greatest work- the Sistine Madonna, and a cast of beautiful babies.

Crowns of Glory and Our Babies

In our present time of such uncertainty and fearful world crisis, this film gives calming perspective and reassurance for our own sacred journey. It also tells the joyful story of a wonderfully blessed birth and gently reminds us of the ever present mercy of the Holy Sophia's divine eternal wisdom and Universal Love.

Protecting the Very Young Child - The Open Senses

Celebrating the New Life and Hope that our precious young children gift to us. A gentle yet insightful sharing honoring the capacities of the little child to take in life with total innocence, open sensitivity, and devotion and the sacred trust of protecting these early years.

The Sacred Healing Power of Touch and Our Little Ones

This film shares the incredible beauty of the holy gifts given to us by our babies. In today’s world, morally bankrupt individuals wield terrible power over life on earth and tragic abuse of our children is rampant. Can we wake up to the spiritual truth that receiving loving nurturing care as infants is foundational to our core humanity and moral conscience as adults?

Oh, Those Brothers and Sisters!

Oh those siblings! - from dear friend to foe and back again all in a day! But an underlying spiritual agreement has been made to share the journey of growing up and learning about life together. Heart warming stories of overcoming and finding the spiritual brothers and sisters of our world families.

Grandpa's Big Blue Chair

Grandpa's Big Blue Chair- A Little Child's Connection to His Grandpa in Heaven No one can better tell the story of the wonder of working with loved ones on the other side than this ninety year old filmmaker - close to the threshold herself. An uplifting love story -a touching tribute to husband and son and how to look for the eternal light of love in our lives.

What I See I Do, How Our Little Children Learn Through Imitation

With touching beauty and joy filled examples, Grandma Nancy shares how our babies give us their divine, devotional trust through imitation in the hope we will show them how to be good, caring human beings.

Joan of Arc Her Gifts for Our Time

With creative art and beautiful timeless music, the incomprable life of world beloved Joan of Arc is told in Joan's own words. May her spirit inspired courage inspire us now.

Internationally Recognized Waldorf Educator, Author, Artist & Activist

Nancy Jewel Poer Spiritual Life Coach

Nancy Poer, Waldorf educator and spiritual life coach, is a passionate advocate for young children and families and the dying. She is considered the grandmother of the Home Death Movement and produced an award winning documentary on conscious dying. Nancy is a pilot, long time activist for healthy food, mother of six, grandmother of many and for fun, she jumps out of airplanes.

Award winning documentary on conscious dying

The Most Excellent Dying of Theodore Jack Heckleman a film by Nancy Jewel Poer and documentary on conscious dying.

Winner of National Telly Award & International Accolade Award

The Most Excellent Dying of Theodore Jack Heckleman

Science can diagnose illnesses and even cure them, but it cannot teach us to die well.  That comes from a deep spiritual choice..This is the story of a man who did it.

film trailer

“I have seldom seen a film that captures so sensitively,and with such honesty and hope, the death of someone so loved and loving."

-Johnathan Stedall, 

Internationally known BBC film maker, producing documentaries of  the lives of Ghandi, Carl Jung, and many more.

Mentoring Support For Families

Nancy has volunteered community death care and consulting for nearly four decades, as well as traveling and lecturing to aid other communities to help take care of their own. While she never refuses those that call in distress and need, especially during tragic and sudden deaths where she can help with practical advice and spiritual context, she is now in another situation where monetary support is needed and welcomed.

Consultations can be arranged for $60 per session on death and dying issues, parenting and a spiritual view of child development. If any are experiencing an emergency yet are unable to schedule a consultation due to financial difficulty, contact Nancy and other arrangements can be made.

She is deeply committed to giving aid and support to the families and babies coming in now in the time she has left.

Nancy has been there with many families to console, and aid  in ensouling the shocking loss especially around the death of a child. One family (obviously a very special couple) expressed their gratitude in the following words when she counseled them through the death of their child with fatal genetic issues. 

"...we are overwhelmed with gratitude for you...words fall are an angel of light and love...we have been so abundantly blessed to have your friendship during this critical time in our lives-...guiding us, holding us, lifting us, inspiring us. Thank you, thank you, thank you... We cannot imagine what this experience would have been without you and our incredible community...we were given a gift of courage, strength, joy, love and peace throughout."

Contact Nancy to Schedule a Consultation

Nancy Jewel Poer lectures and consults nationally on parenting and child development, Waldorf education, women's issues, threshold work with death and dying and the spiritual America.

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by Nancy Jewel Poer



by Nancy Jewel Poer

Book Reviews

Living Into Dying

“ I expected I would have a deep interest in its content. But what I didn’t imagine is that I wouldn’t be able to put it down!  Your writing is such a beautiful affirmation of the work with the dying and bereavement support as well.  Thank you for the beautiful soulful stories.  I laughed and cried.”


Joni Beckner, Hospice and Palliative Care for Western Colorado

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