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Suffer the Little Children to Come Unto Me

“Suffer the little children to come unto me.”

Christ spoke these words of merciful love into the world in biblical times. Today they ring with the most heart-breaking poignancy as the little ones are coming back by the thousands, into his heavenly arms and the embrace of the holy mother…. innocent souls harmed and slain by the current Evil among men.

The Christ was crucified on the hill called Golgatha two thousand years ago, his divinely blessed blood flowing into a dying earth. His blood was a profound substance that had taken in the sins of the peoples of the world in their universal effect and holding them from then on in his transformative power of forgiveness.  But we need to know the effect of personal sin remains our own, our personal karma and we must experience, through pain and payback, reaping what we sowed as we proceed in our repeated earth lives- lives that are subject to cosmic law whether we know it or believe it. 

 At the same time Christ lifted the combined effect of world sin through his Holy blood, he was performing the most powerful deed of Love ever to take place on earth in wresting death from its final grip and placing the rejuvenating, renewing, vibrancy of resurrection into the human soul.. for everyone, everywhere for all time.. for all those blessed by grace and everyone who can choose  to receive it.

From those beginnings, the wonder of the divine deed of a God becoming man and transforming death on that Jeruselum hill, slowly spread through out the world. Like drops of quietly moving crystalline pure water finding its selfless way through soil and stone,  permeating lives and cultures-   landing butterfly-like on the souls of open pagan folk to lead them to unquestioning faith- or coming down like the thunderous lightning bolt in Paul’s Damascus conversion firing zealous re-born souls to herald The Message as martyrs or heroes. 

And the crucifixion continued as well.  The wicked, the confused, using the guise of Christianity, have performed the most heinous deeds of persecution down through the centuries - a fact which causes countless souls today to turn away in rejection of anything to do with Christianity, alas, with their lack of spiritual understanding, losing connection with the chance to experience divinely blessed resurrection in soul.

Spiritual science knowledge tells us as physical materialism and alienation from the spiritual truths of life faded with the age of modern science. Especially in the 19h century, the increasing personal egotism and arrogance of humanity began reveling in the power gained from increasingly Godless inquiry into the secrets of nature.

The era exulted in staggering clever inventions of modern technology but at the same time corrupting the soul like an invisible permeating and poisonous gas. Materialistic permeated souls were being hardened so when they died and entered the spiritual realm they brough new aspects of crucifixion the Christ being living there in spirit.

Such souls came like lumps of dead matter polluting the etheric world, the realm of life, a delicate membrane of life force living vitally around planet Earth.  There a further crucifixion deed took place the Christ power living there was extinguished through the blanket of spiritual death.  

Mercifully, simultaneously,  there was then a possibility of new resurrection as the eternal resurrection substance generated through Christ’s selfless deed subsequently  showered like sunbeams into humanity and was made available to individual souls so millions had the chance to to recognize the magnitude of the Gift.  If they would just wake up.  But millions were also infected with powers of dark evil magic that has infected minds and has lead to our current age of hideous callous power, death serving greed and domineering darkness controlling the world.  Further, ours is an historical age heralded  and over seen by the Arch Angel of Freedom, Michael.  Therefore we are not forced or led into any moral stance. It must arise out of the moral conscience of our own individuality. 

Now we must choose, or not, to unite with this resurrecting renewing power of Christ love.   Those guided by moral conscience are now forming a light stream while other dim in their divine radiance  but still others consciously choose and perpetuate the dark path.  The cosmos has waited a long time in the grand experiement to see what we will do with freedom.  The time is now.

Today we face the worst most pervasive Evil ever perpetuated amongst humanity in world wide sex slavery, trafficking and harming of the children.  The Adversary, the power of the anti-Christ enter into weak, lazy, immoral souls and wickedly takes root.  Dying in their humanity they attempt to murderously sieze the power of divine renewing life by in blood lust, attacking, torturing murdering and descecrating  little children. The stench of pedophile pornography blankets the earth squeezing the humanity out of us, giving a hideous addictive twisted distortion of truthful human love.  It hardens and pollutes the soul and opens the gate to the most dispicable Evil of attacking others and especially the little ones to satisfy selfish unbridled murderous lust of the worst pedophiles, those in worst denial of their own humanity and that of others.      

There is more slavery in the world now than ever before in history, aided and abetted by our modern technology and perverted ideology.  There is more sin aided and abetted by a godless view of life and being human.   There is more unspeakable deeds of rape, murder, and twisted torture than ever before. Child and human sex trafficking is the biggest money making industry in the world through which all life loses meaning.  And  Christ was clear about the fate of those who harm the children of God in leading them into sin…” better a mill stone around their neck and drowned.”

Our humanity is at stake.  The highest divine Christ powers flowing into the evolution of humanity through the little innocent child are meant to renew life and ever renew humanity to the next higher steps of being human.  Can all those of moral conscience face this and make renewed effort to honor and protect childhood?  We can ask how many will protect the children, stand up to create settings and communities where the children are nurtured to bring their special  gifts into the stream of humanity.  Who will have courage and commitment to parent and stand up?  Who will create safe familly and community space for our couragous incoming souls choosing incarnations to bring light and love the the planet be able to fulfill their missions?  How can each contribute to the village of caring community to raise the children of the future with small thoughtul acts of care and support in time and money support for children to thrive.

The Holy Mother of the Universe, mercifully and tenderly meets and holds all souls in all struggles throughout eternity. Will we join with her precious boundless love to hold and heal as the Christ blessed and transforms with eternal love, in each small daily kind, caring, couragous acts of being human?

And Christ said, “Suffer the little children to come unto me, hinder them not for such is the kingdom of heaven”.  Those who harm children harm God..  Can we break the cycle of evil with deeds of good?

Christ tells us the children’s angels always see the face of God.

May we look into the little ones precious eyes and know God and all the goodness of the universe and commit to their welfare as in service the the being of Christ and the Holy mother. stand fully for freedom and loving deeds for all.  The very future of humanity depends on us now.

Nancy Jewel Poer

July, 2023


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