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Circle of Healers at White Feather Ranch Special Solstice Gatherings!

What a wondrous week over the Solstice with many healers coming together at White Feather Ranch. In groups big and small, the gentle fall weather blessed us as we gathered together, sharing conversations in the Peace Circle and over lovingly prepared meals with tantalizing special ethnic origins. We came together with serious commitment to share stories of our lives and our common passion for healing and bringing good work in to the world for the sake of the children and the future. Many dedicated grandmothers to be sure, but everyone united in nurturing the young, the old, those wounded and frightened who have forgotten their unique missions of life and their choice to be on earth now in the bewildering challenges of today. All of us are deeply connected to the Mother Earth, knowing she is our great healer and primal connection of our lives.

Some had years of work with essential oils, others art therapy, others kindergarten work and other powerful healing modalities. Visiting from Virginia was Sharifa Oppenheimer, well known in Waldorf circles as author, kindergarten teacher community leader, gifted in bringing simple accessible sacred heart breathing practices to help ‘bring us home.’ She has a magical country retreat in Virginia. She came with Barbara Stern who has decades of work in birth psychology. Others worked with plant colors, art and therapies to give vibrant soul healings. My Native

American soul sister, Grandmother Betty Castillo, and her vibrant warrior woman daughter Maggie (who has the authentic roots for that title!) were here, both of them leading spiritual healing medicine women and well known leaders in the Native communities throughout California and the West serving countless fortunate souls in many settings. Maggie brought her beautiful white deer drum she had made and left us with heart warming and earth connecting.

Butterfly song. Maggies beautiful art shown contains visual beauty and poignancy of the quest. We brought together lifetimes of experience to see how we can enhance a sense of home, safety, connection, above all connection to the heart beat of the Mother Earth and one another in this age of shattering events and challenges.

We all share a view of universal Oneness and will continue and the quest of the centering, healing, life changing ways to help those we can work with to meet the disorienting yet opportunity-fillled world of today awaiting our commitment and dedication.. So good, true, blessed and beautiful!

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