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The Healing Presence of the Holy Sophia

The very thought of the Holy Sophia brings comfort to the soul. The gentleness, the quiet enfolding of our inner space of our heart. That is her dwelling place. She is the protective healing mantle around the nesting heart, nestling the spirit spark that lives there within.

She is the presence of life. She is as vast as the universe, breath taking as the circling zodiac of stars. She is as fleeting and wondrous as the sparkle of frost on a feather, the twinkling light dancing in a little child’s eye, a soft hand on the fevered brow of a sick one.

Sophia is the pure chaste mantle of protection for the vibrant, life-filled heart beats of love, for the deepest silence and darkness of the womb, receiving, nurturing, growing a child, empowering a new life, or a creative impulse longing to be born. Quiet shimmers of eternity weave and pulse through her being, infinity permeates her ineffable presence. Her faithful protection mantles us all. In Sophia we are safe, we are whole, we are home.

Sophia holds it all together, the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega. “I was with God in the beginning,” says the holy scripture and she was.

In the world of fairies and gnomes these delightful elemental beings love to shape shift and delight in presenting to us playfully clad and attired in our own dream stuff to make their appearance. But Sophia is the master of presentation, both seen and unseen. She is everywhere surrounding us with tender beauty.

Christ brings light and love, Sophia brings wisdom and love. In her purity, her majesty, her holiness, she is beyond the reach of any adversary of life, however powerful. None can subdue her. Sophia and Christ. Sophia and Christ/Michael, her partner, her cohort. Wisdom, the holy bride of Love.

The Holy Sophia shines to us from heaven in the sign for our times given the book of Revelations by St. John. In our Apocalyptic times she appears as the woman in the sun about to give birth to her child. Her feet are on the moon for she has transcended the earth bound powers the moon represents.

Her head is surrounded by stars. She glows with the radiance of the sun. But the dragon waits below to devour her child. It is Micha-el, Christ’s great warrior in heaven, that rescues her and saves her from harm till she delivers the man child that shall rule the world with rod of iron of holy justice.

We are in the midst of this battle for the divine being of our souls, our manhood, our womanhood, our creative sacred human dignity and integrity. We call to the heavenly Sophia to send down her ever flowing love. Just as the Holy Virgin holds and embraces the God-child on the throne of her lap, so Sophia creates the sacred throne, the holy chalice space in the soul for the Christ for the higher ‘I AM’ Christ to be enthroned. But the False God would insinuate himself onto that throne, usurp our divine individuality through fear, apathy, delusion, submission. With lack of courage and resolve we leave room for the dark forces to enter and desecrate the heart. Then it is like the harlot, the whore of Babylon is taking over the sacred space, claiming it for the False God as she rides wantonly depraved astride the two horned beast, ultimately to her doom and demise, driven into oblivion by the heavenly legions of God.

Pray in Sophia. We must take an active stand to guard our divinity now in these unholy times that would subdue us even as we are also filled with soul longing to birth nobility, courage and goodness in the face of evil.

Christ brings all permeating love and sunlight radiance to cleave the darkness. Sophia is like water. In utter selflessness she comes, shaping and forming to whatever vessel or avenue she is given, to enter the earth, to enter life, to enter our souls.

Her quiet but majestic power is like that of the headwaters of a mighty sparkling spring of pristine water bursting out of the mountain, the irrespressible waters of life itself; finding, adapting, seeking every crevice, every opportunity to bring holy healing. Present in the smallest rivulet or tiniest dew drop on the rose petal, flexing in the mighty waves of the seas sounding upon the shore, advancing, retreating, advancing, retreating in the powerful deep rhythms of life, the rhythms of the universe, the rhythms of evolution.

She has seen it all. She has endured it all. She has prevailed through it all - the entire tragic wonderful history of human sorrow, suffering, depravity, degradation and joyful renewal of new life. From beginning to end. She has held it all in her eternal arms with merciful compassion.

Held it all, now and forever.

So has Sophia (born) borne it all. As the holy mother of Christ she has borne the holy spirit in her womb and nursed holiness to life. She has given birth to the highest divine gifts of the universe- in the gift of her beloved son - in the gift to every human soul.

As the Holy Mother she has held the lifeless body of her heaven sent son in gentle arms of uttermost devotion, sacrifice and love. She has birthed the divine, lived through many lives devoted to the divine, embraced the divine at the transition of death. (A morning dove comes twice and hits the big window, not once but twice, as I write this and a shower of white feathers float down outside the house. Blessed dove.)

In her infinite, eternal wisdom Sophia brings the star wisdom from the heavens to light up our thoughts, to show the way, to enliven the journey to eternal wisdom of God, to initiation knowledge, to harmony with the Gods, to spiritual wisdom of life.

She comes to all the soul-questing, greater knowledge loving, spirit-seeking peoples everywhere, as needed, as understood, as wanted, and as hoped for by the soul. Reigning in primeval times with multiple expressions - as devas and goddess beings abiding in nature and in human embodiment in physical human body, worshipped as the miraculous producer of new life by the early tribal groups of humanity. She is present in every culture, every chapter, every reiteration of the human story.

Inspiring and appearing in ancient Goddesses, she is always dividing and multiplying her being in aspects and her many guises - Goddess Natura, Ishtar, Isis, in Egypt, Shiva, Kali, Quan Yin , the green Tara in Asia, Maat the Egyptian Goddess of truth and justice, Goddess Nut covering the night sky, Demeter, Persephone, Venus. The Virgin of Czestochowa and all the black Madonnas, the miraculous appearance of the Virgin of Guadalupe. The holy Shekinah of the Jews, Venus, Mary of the Koran, the winged Sophia of Russia, St. Bride of Ireland, White Buffalo Woman of the Lakotas. She is found weaving through the souls of those full of longing and love for her, inspiring them in scripture, art and music such as Rumi, St Francis, St. Clare, Hildegard of Bingen, Raphael, Soloviev, Beethoven, St. Bernadette, painter Mary Cassatt, Ranier Maria Rilke, John Donahue, Mary Oliver, Novalis, to name only a few of multitudes.

Everywhere, nowhere, anywhere.

She is as omni present at the stars on a dark night that continue shining steadfastly all during every day, unseen but eternally present quietly in the background. holding the life-giving sun heart of our universe that sustains all life on Planet Earth.

Sophia is the preparer of the space for the spirit to be born. She lives in the interval, the spaces in between, between the notes of the music in the potent expectation and exultation of the birth of the next ringing note to come into being. She is the holy space in our heart and soul that holds our sacred “I AM.”

In the old Celtic mantra these words were spoken to entreat the blessing of Sophia/ Bridget/Bride when the peasants were banking the fire at night hoping sparks might be kept burning to last through the night for a new morning’s fire. We save this fire as Christ saved us, Bridget beneath this fire.. Christ within it.”

The Holy Sophia is the Rose of the World. Even as Christ descended from the Sun bringing the resurrecting life power of hope to a sorrowing humanity, so Sophia is now descending to us now from the stars. She heralds a new age of cooperation, sharing, unity, healing and hope to heal the old one of dominance, war, and destruction, degradation of nature, the earth, of every living creature, of all of us.

Christ lived in a mortal body 2000 years ago, and returns now in the Second Coming, as a universal resurrection firing sparks of divine life and hope in all the human hearts that would receive him today. The holy Sophia is preparing her entrance deeper into world evolution now when we so need her wisdom of life, of eternity, of moral conscience and gentle respect and holding of life for this planet. Sophia thoughts come down like rose petals from the sky, like clouds white feathers falling, gently steadily through the night, through the day with the quiet power of a delicate butterfly that is able to migrate miles through violent storms. She is a miracle of life.

Never is a birth of a child too lowly, the surroundings too sordid, for her to be present giving aid solace and strength to the mother. She and her angel helpers are always there hovering and protecting in the beginning if one can be open to the presence as we rejoice in new life. Sadly with all the interference of the material world this precious blessing may be missed.

She is present when the soul goes home at death, softly witnessing and midwifing the passing from the surrounding periphery. At this other border of life, again most often un - realized and unseen, she can be mighty in her soul work to lift and birth the spirit of those people surrounding the dying one to a higher realm of consciousness and awareness. - Such a beautiful blessing it is when they can open their souls to heaven as the passing loved one opens that gate way between life and death, the threshold of dying and becoming.

We so need her now and must come to know her if we are to endure. We need awareness of her ever gentle perseverance and presence. Remember she was fully embodied as the holy mother that sat in the center of the circle surrounded by the disciples at Pentecost, aiding and abetting, midwifing the birth of the Holy spirit into their beings. They were then so exalted and transformed that they incorporated Christ powers to heal. They could speak so all that heard regardless of their native tongues, could understood the holy truth in their divinely minted words.

We need truth to ring in our souls now. We need to invite The Holy Sophia to help us create the holy chalice, the chalice for the Holy spirit in the holding space in our hearts where we can receive the light of the Savior. We need her guardianship for our soul, against all foes, against all odds. Saving, shielding, surrounding with love, this is her divine gift. She can do this and she will if we call her in. Her mantle of goodness, her mantle of protection, her mantle of life, her mantle of home is there for every soul that seeks and asks and will do the soul work needed.. Our times are hard, She knows all of it and her ever lasting response is endless and eternal mercy, wisdom and love.

Nancy Jewel Poer,

February, 2022

Excerpts from a writing on America 2022, Romanism, Christ/Michael/ Sophia and the Incarnation of the Anti-Christ.

Art: The Hagia Sophia cathedral, Giotto, Leszek Forczek, Iris Sullivan, Lauren Forcella, Nancy Jewel Poer, Ted DeGrazia, Painting from Raphael’s Sistine Madonna, a painting created from Rudolf Steiner’s indications of the New Isis. and “New Isis” by Lian Collot d’ Herbois, The last three listed shown below:


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