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Grit, Grief and Grace

Friends, family, Countrymen, Fellow World Travelers, Spiritual World!

Given the world we are living in now we could rightfully ask all the powers that be, “Do you really mean we are supposed to stand with one foot in deep do do and the other foot on sort of solid Mother earth that these days seems to be on the verge of earthquaking and raise our hands to heaven and say, “Thank you Lord, life is good and life is precious?”

Actually YES! We are expected to do just that! To do it for the sake of everyone around us - because that is the energy the world needs now and just actions are powerful and life giving for everyone and for us too. This is what we and the children need in our wake who will inherit this world. That is the grit part and that is what we want to model for the children! We need to know this and show up for them with a “We can do this team!” In face of everything.

We need to wake up to the face that we are here because we chose to be here now, because we wanted to be here now. Our spirit call for us to be here.This is the cosmic spiritual/karmic / physical reality of it all. Because this is our time in history, because this is a huge shift time to show up for the sake of the very future of humanity! Who promised it would be pretty? Actually none of the great spiritual figures I know of. For so many souls it is going to be ‘back to the wall devastation’ till we ask for help and wake up to the spiritual power that loves us. That is what it takes to go on. This is the heart of the grit part.

All of these are becoming almost daily experience. Grit, grief and grace and it is intense...I am surely not denying that. But In mustering up the grit, if hopefully we can, we too often miss the grace.

So here is the top line, not the bottom line we so worship as the end all answer in a materialistic world. The top line, the first priority, the highest gaze our our human longing and striving.

Do you or do you not believe that there is a power in the world, that has been there forever, that will never end, that permeates eons, eras, galaxzies, and civilizations? A cosmic reality transcending all harsh and petty, small and shrunken meanings of life we would call reality? That is the true meaning of our existence, what is meant to manifest through us? To work in that cosmic stream of love, to exude, to radiate in loving joy flowing through our heart and soul and out into life like a warbling bird at dawn Oh, those unstoppable birds, ever in praise and thanksgiving for yet another day!

If you can’t find gratitude and hope for your existence in spiritual love and truth and all the good souls here on earth please seek help. And start working with those who do have this connection to life itself.

We are being given a huge lesson we are going to have to get either the hard way or the knowing way. The New life, the renewed life, the newly created vibrant non retread of the old life, is inextricably tied to death. Nothing will keep us “safe” nothing will be guaranteed. Nothing is going to keep us ‘secure’ and out of the way of danger. Risk danger, taking a bet, a resolve on what is truly our destiny path, that’s what we are called to do, that is the focus of the headlights now. Life is a gamble, life is hard and there are risks. There always have been. What twisted interpretation have we taken for reality in our comfort seeking societies that we can somehow be insured and comfortable and live a life without risk and uncertainty?

We are here to live life on our own terms of engagement or you can be sure some authority will be happy to run our lives for us. We better do some pretty good risk assessment if we are going to hold on to our humanity rather than docilely abdicating our most precious identity and freedom to the state to decide our lives for us as they are doing now..

A first step - death. There has to be a dying, to old stuff, old nature, old forms, old attitudes, Nature shows us this... we need compost and decay to nurture the next round of life. Our suffering and sorrow goes into that soul heap and if we can stay the course through the incredible tests we can witness the renewal. We are asked to open wide to gratitude and thanksgiving the key to realizing the magic working through it will bring forth rich blooms in the future.

We are living in a world now in the throws of death. Can some of us stand the heat, the pain, endure the suffering and the sight and knowledge of the cruelty being worked on sentient creatures and human beings? Can we name the evil without complete overwhelm and fear?. Can some of us be awake to the resurrection... to creating seeds for the future? Are we willing to strive to be seed creators for the future?

Can we take responsibility say Yes to it.. go through the sorrow the pain, the death the put downs, the isolation, the condemnation,? Can we somehow stay open and human in compassion and calm even when the outer world has lost all rhyme and reason and is so incredibly absurd? Can we endure sadly watching people in such suffering, or wailing and wallowing in self pity and needing to blame anything and anyone rather than face themselves?.

Almost before we are out of bed. everyday now, pretty much for everyone, the day begins with a gut punch, knocking our breath out - a new rule at work, a ugly put down from someone, a huge expenses for health care, of a major appliance breaking we hadn’t counting on, a car accident, a terrible new atrocity on the world plane, a loved one ill or dying.That it is grief part. We all get that if we are awake at all. No one will avoid this.

And all our clever intellectuality is not going to get us out of it either.. We have cleverly painted ourselves into a corner by relying on our intellectual cleverness and our i pads and gadgets for connection to life. These will just dig us in deeper for without spiritual and soul warmth these just works for destruction in the end.

What we over look too often is the grace. A feather at your feet, a sunset to die for, expressions of love and innocent words and wonder from a child’s sweet mouth, an exquisite rose, a random act of human kindness and witnessing love and compassion flowing freely without thought of reward or personal gain.

Golden golden golden deeply human acts no AI transhuman being can aspire to.. If the word Christ won’t come across your lips because of a sound and understandable resistance to all the terrible things done in his name by the so called hypocritical followers of Christianity. Consider being open to another view, a vaster dimension of this Cosmic being who suffered and died with and for humanity to brings resurrection and hope in our souls!

The all permeating, eternal wondrous irresistable efficacious luminous, permeating quality of inexplainable cosmic LOVE...

That love accompanied your birth, dear friends, because it is there for each dear holy soul that comes into this world. That works to unite hearts of all not just some, to awaken to our shared divinity and sacred immortal natures, not our separating outer issues. Christ doesn’t work alone, he weaves the holy threads of every great spiritual selfless leader of humanity, as well as the golden substance of prayer and devotion of millions of souls throughout history into a garment of redemption and collective contribution to world evolution.. The cosmic Christ is ever inclusive and his deed was for all the world. power of love weaves heart to heart and soul to soul.

It weaves as the substance of life in the world of nature and the world of human beings.

Our the magnificence of our God created human bodies nurtured by higher designed and purpose to give us a base to grow up and take responsibility as co creators. We were given holy tasks for our time. The Spiritual help is there.. it is an age of freedom.. This we must ask for the ever present help of the spiritual world... In deepest humility and devotion. The Grace goes far beyond this life, and this death, and is there for all who can receive, and pass it on with blessing.

Nancy Jewel Poer November 3, 2021


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