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Immune Boosters for the Soul!

With people now living in great fear of the CoVID19 virus it is also an opportunity to learn and take note of our responses to this kind of event. While a fear response is quite understandable, especially given the pervasiveness of our limiting materialistic Darwinistic world views, somewhere we know it is not helpful to the situation. Our first line of spiritual (and bodily) immunity lies in the human soul. Can we nurture our inner soul space, the sacred sanctuary of our being and our responses to life, as well as the physical body’s immune system?

If we nurture the soul, the benefits will not only inform and support the bodily immune needs but will also aid our spirit in remembering that we are here now because we chose to be and needed to be here just at this time! And we have spiritual resources we can rely on to meet our time in history!

I am posting several images of what “corona” actually represents -- and it certainly isn’t a virus! May we begin by not using that description of the virus? Here is a picture of the CoVID19 virus and it definitely is better suited to being called the “toilet-plunger,

octopus- sucker spike virus.” And “spike” virus would have been an apt name had not a dull materialistic eye seen and named it a “crown” (corona) -- quite a stretch as you can see.

Let us hold in our inner imaginative space the true beauty of the word “corona” and realize how it is being malevolently and consciously destroyed by the dark

forces of our time.

Many words, especially surrounding the highest Holy Feminine in the Universe, have been consistently desecrated, just as our Mother Earth has as well. The hostile treatment of women and children world-wide is further evidence of this.

It is also beyond sad that a generation is growing up in an era when the word “Christianity” has been so debased and desecrated by un-Christian actions, past and present, and that a whole generation disassociates from it today -- and understandably so. More examples of holy words/names being usurped by materialism include:

The goddess Isis, the highest and holiest feminine healing wisdom in the universe, now associated with the most cruel and violent terrorist groups.

“Sophia,” the divine cosmic wisdom represented in the crown of stars, is the name that was given to the cold, heartless robot (recently made a “citizen” of Saudi Arabia where women are controlled). The humanoid-like robot invented in Hong Kong in 2016 and programmed to be touchy-feely cute, has already compiled enough data to declare it will destroy the world.

The word “Madonna” was flippantly used by a publicity-seeking pop star to seek her fame.

While recognizing that the old hypocritical forms need to be broken down, the list goes on of materializing, debasing and and desecrating all that is sacred. “Love” is a Subaru” goes the ad. Are you kidding me? The magical wonder of the rainbow, heaven’s gift to all humanity and the stuff of childhood, dreams, auras, and hope for the future was never meant to be co-opted and materialized.

We have evolved enough to know that words have power, yet today from the lips of everyone, including little children, comes the “F” word (which stands for the ultimate overpowering assault to destroy the integrity of another human being. This word is now used ubiquitously for describing virtually everything. What is coming from our mouths, we humans who have been given the gift of language and the choice of our words?

So please take a break and let the good medicine of beautiful images waft over you, including the corona of beautiful northern lights on our Mother earth.

Let immunity eternal no matter what happens to these support your humanity, you and your wondrous immortal spirit that will go on your body!

“Corona” is the word for the shimmering golden/white light that shines around beings and individuals who can bless the physical world with divine eternal spiritual wisdom, warm our souls and hearts, and aid us in remembering our true spiritual nature. And remind us that giving and receiving love is the meaning of life on earth. Let us honor our sacred inner space, rather than destroy it, and support our beloved youth and children so there is something left that is sacred in this world for them in their vocabulary and inner imaginative lives as well.

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