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Vaccine Tyranny Begins in California

With many other protestors, I was at the State Capitol in Sacramento, California for the passage of both fascist vaccine bills introduced by Senator Pan, a pediatrician, - the first to destroy religious exemptions for children to enter school unless fully vaccinated. (2015) The second bill he brought 2019 (which he told everyone with the first one he would never do) was to destroy medical exemptions for children in need and persecute the doctors that wrote them. This was intended to then spread via corrupt, unelected medical boards all over the nation.

It was a turning point for the literally for the world,- destroying the doctor/ patient relationship, replacing vital care health decisions with bureaucratic non elected health officers, many not even doctors, thus allowing attacks on sovereignty of body, soul ,and spirit of humanity we have experienced in these recent years, These “laws’ have been super ceding parental rights and fundamental individual human rights guaranteed by our Constitution and the WWII international Nuremberg trial decisions of right to informed consent for medical experimentation on a human being in the wake of the horrors of medical torture and killing in Nazi Germany.

In this last 2019 rigged travesty hearing before Pan’s health committee, where the hundreds of people there protested, my dear friend and pediatrician, Dr. Nicole Shorrock was allowed three minute testimony to counter this flagrant destruction of the doctor/patient relation the the violation of the Hippocratic oath to “do no harm’ which she did with sober, clear integrity and expertise. We looked on and Nicki could see Anthroposophical doctor, Dr. Kelly Sutton’s name was prominent on Senator Pan’s flip chart of doctors to persecute and destroy. He held forth with blatant lies. Kelly, also a close friend, would later lose her California medical license in the persecution of ethical doctors protecting children with medical exemptions which continues to this day.

As some 1300 of us spoke for five hours against this. We were only allowed to say our names and ‘Yes’ or ‘No ‘to the bill, but, as many others, I spoke out, and in honor of the spirit of Hans and Sophie Scholl who died for the White Rose resistance in Hitler’s Germany I said; “I stand for Medical Freedom!” and came home and wrote the following on what we had experienced.

To All Concerned: While some legislators may have sincerely felt they were doing the public good by voting for this bill, SB276, ( or were influenced unduly by the outright devious falsehoods of Senator Pan), there could be others voting for their corporate sponsors as he is. In any event please consider the following.


This is how it began in Hitler’s Germany. A group of people were targeted and it was promoted by the State that they are a threat to the welfare of the country (Fatherland).........

SB276 Vaccine Bill - Fascism in California.

Here’s how it works. The State determines to strip such a group of freedom, rights, and education and prepare to segregate and eliminate. For Hitler: the handicapped, infirm, gypsies, Jews etc. For California under SB276 - Children, doctors, and parents who want safety tested vaccines the right to choose when and how much to vaccinate and medical exemptions for vulnerable children. Nearly all these parents also acknowledge that vaccines can save lives and are indicated for TRUE and PROVEN public health issues and emergencies. They stand for human rights. Many have all ready borne the full price of helping to support ‘herd’ immunity with their vaccine damaged children. In public schools medically exempt unvaccinated children have not posed any PROVEN threat to public health or our Schools/ Herd/State/Fatherland.

For years liability-free vaccine companies have been influencing the public mind through money, dubious science, propaganda and collusion with corrupt government agencies, that no one can have a healthy immune system on their own but, EVERY SINGLE communicable disease is to be eliminated by vaccines they invent, regardless of degree of true public emergency. We are indoctrinated that we must have more and more and more vaccines in order necessary to be ‘safe’ and supposedly ‘healthy.’ Now the vaccination demands on the developing immune systems of little babies is staggering.

That disease outbreaks (measles, pertussis etc.) are occurring among VACCINATED populations is ignored. This is due to the vast range of immune reactions and lack of efficacy falsified by vaccine makers with their grossly under - tested products.

The State and Corporate backed State/Fatherland have promoted the falsehood that unethical doctors are harming the state. The bill SB276 will persecute these doctors by destroying their careers if they support the health of these ‘undesirables’ with medical exemptions. Therefore vulnerable children will no longer be able to find doctors (all ready proven with hundreds of calls to doctors requesting care and being turned down in the wake of this bill)

Media should be revealing that the author of SB 276 Richard Pan (along with cohorts) have received about half a million dollars from the Corporate Fatherland/State/Big Pharma, but independent journalism is almost non existent. Doctors supporting this bill are paid bonuses by Big Pharma for essentially forcing patients to use EVERY SINGLE vaccine on the the huge and growing vaccine schedule.

The State/Fatherland is actually doing a nationwide medical experiment through vaccines, without a fully consenting public, using drugs that have not been fully tested for safety and efficacy and putting them by injection directly into the bodies of young children (Lack of adequate safety testing was proven in lawsuit won against the US government in 2018.)

SB276 demands the hideously cruel and unethical mandate that children must have near death experience (go into anaphylactic shock) with EACH vaccine to have a right to medical exemption. The State refuses to acknowledge the adverse reactions on vaccine inserts are valid reasons to not vaccinate the vulnerable children.

Lawmakers and State proceed with this fascist bill in the face of alarming deterioration of chronic health conditions and runaway autism epidemic and mental health breakdown of the nation’s children. (12% chronic disease in our young in 1986 when vaccine companies were given no liability to 56 % now)

The State/Fatherland refuses to look at how the adjuvants in vaccines - glyphosate, a cancer and chelating poison, heavy metals (accumulations found in brains of the autistics,) and foreign animal proteins, etc. are contributing to child health issues.

The state refuses to do independent studies of comparative risk from a few unvaccinated children to the Herd/State/ Fatherland, that may have the potential to create public health threat levels of harmful disease compared to the actual risks from the disease. They are ordering ‘one size fits’ all vaccination.

As this undesirable population is perceived to threaten to the Herd/State/ Fatherland) cannot be destroyed directly, SB276 destroys their right to education in ANY PUBLIC SETTING in the state of California.

Pan and fascist associates will then target the next ‘undesirable’ groups for isolation and elimination in order for Big Pharma Vaccine and their corrupted cohorts to profit, regardless of health and human rights for medical freedom and choice. Teachers, nurses, elders who don’t want flu shots etc will be targeted. The fascist agenda, all based on unproven data and true assessment of public risk to the Herd/State/Fatherland will go forward unless resisted by true independent science, true risk assessment, and brave resisters standing up for freedom; As for SB 276, Hitler (or the Inquisition) couldn’t have done better job of discrimination, torture for families and a design for persecution.


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