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Love, The Spirit Of Christmas

Our son Cameron and his wife Carolyn had two strapping boys, Nathan and Jonas,before adopting their little girl, Marianna. The boys are now wonderful young men, both well over six foot and accomplished classical musicians among their many talents.

Marianna has special “needs” but also brings special “gives”. She came to the family as a precious infant, tender, sensitive, yet distanced and so tenuously connected to herself and everything around her. In eight years she has surmounted many challenges with the patient care of her amazing family.

At school Marianna made the art piece on the wall which says “Love”. You can see it in her beautiful eyes as she is hugging her big brother, Nathan, on his 18th birthday.

And LOVE is what Christmas is all about. So for this season we share this story of a dear little girl who has created so much love for those in the world around her, and of her family whose selfless unending love has surrounded and nurtured her to do so.

May the spirit of the Holy Child of Christmas touch your lives with loving inspiration in the years to come.

Nancy and Gordon Poer.

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