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Making Way For The Sacred


This art represents the healing, sustaining, nurturing aspect of the sacred feminine to enlighten and inspire a world far too long dominated by agressive, destructive and domineering aspects of patriarchy. For the Lakota, it is Sacred White Buffalo Calf Woman bringing the peace pipe to create the new thinking (as the Great Peacemaker would say) and visions of a peaceful future for all humanity. There are aspects of the Holy Mother with her heel on the head of the serpent/ black snake and of the mantle of star wisdom of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

It is self evident to anyone with a quickened conscience that we must protect our Mother Earth to sustain life for every living creature and every growing thing on this globe. The rallying cry of Standing Rock, “Water is Life - mni wiconi”, is a clarion call of warning that rings in the depths of our souls with indisputable, primal Truth.

The harmful, violent assaults on a people assembled in non-violent, earnest prayer for their sacred lands - people standing for water and life - assembled in accordance with our Constitution’s basic civil rights of peacefully addressing injustice - has sickened, angered, and awakened a consciousness world wide.

It is deeply moving to see indigenous people - so long maligned and betrayed, and often devasted with poverty and the attending social problems - rise up in truth to the high calling of their heritage. Their prophecy has foretold that their mission as the seventh generation would be to defend the earth for humanity, including standing against the “black snake” (a symbol for the oil pipeline and the perpetuation of greed and inevitable pollution from this old destructive energy source) that is releasing its poisonous venom into the earth,

What has happened,and is still happening there at Standing Rock is a front line action of the awareness we all need to protect life on this planet we share. Can we realize that it will take every one of us to take action in the evolutionary wave of progressive consciousness that is rising?

The Standing Rock movement began with the fresh, young voices of the youth, then echoed in the wise elders, and is now sustained by all involved, but especially the women and youth. (The youth are still the leading edge of the movement and have re-lit the council fire for “all nations” when the first seven were ended by the elders.) The Water Protectors’ stand led to an unprecedented, breath-taking gathering of often fractious tribes in a country-wide union of nearly all of the native clans. It has reached out to everyone who has been called to join them to defend the earth. Over 200 flags fly over the camp to represent them. Many who have gone to Standing Rock described that it was a compelling spiritual calling that drew them there. The movement expanded farther and farther, drawing indigenous people from all around the world, and especially South America where old prophecy of the condor flying again with the eagle (South and North America) warmed to new life. The spirit of the movement has now flown across the globe to concerned individuals throughout the world! It is a spiritual environmental awakening.

This awakening could not have happened if the Water Protectors had not stood the high moral ground of peaceful and incredibly courageous non-violence, with continual prayer in alignment with the spiritual aid from higher sources (“prayer is stronger than weapons” they would say) This core committment is essential to the ultimate movement.

These Water Protectors have made way for the sacred. They cleared and created a space for higher powers of destiny to enter. They did so by consecrating the gathering with clear energy, with no alcohol or drugs, with clarity and lack of sentimentality on how to deal with violent confrontation, with dedication and devotion to the ancestors and the unborn, and by welcoming and including others to join who are willing to make that committment in promoting justice, protection of the Mother Earth and peace.

The stage was also set for receiving the support of many US veterans to join them, and for the amazing and unexpected act of veteran Wesley Clark, Jr., who represents generations of an American military family. Granted a time to add his words to the huge gathering on December 5th after a long series of speeches, Clark spoke spontaneously, first clearly and succinctly listing the trespasses of the US government agains native Americans and then going down on his knee with bowed head asked forgiveness of Chief Crow Dog. The chief firmly placed his broad hand on Clark’s head with what this young man later described as “a great healing power” and declared: “Peace on the earth.” This profound and monumental act of acknowledgment and atonement is a milestone in American history, greatly overdue and essential if we are to move forward as a nation.

I created this art in tribute to this remarkable gathering where they have lit and tended the sacred fires and honored the ancestors, and to honor the dedicated, uplifting cooperation, bravery, courage, and devotion behind it. The gathering of the camps where so many people have now felt the amazing energy of peace, prayer and right action (including my personal family and friends who described it as “life changing”, with one saying “I have never felt so spiritually held in my life”). It has been a sacred place for quickening our higher virtues of compassion and awareness. May wisdom, peace and the sacred protection of life continue to shine before us through these selfless deeds of inspired people at Standing Rock and all around the world. May we all MAKE WAY FOR THE SACRED.

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