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A Tribute to all Protector of Water and Life on World Water Day

Dedicated to the Water Protectors of Standing Rock and all who defend life on our Earth

Water is life.

So simple, so profound, so true.

May we honor this substance of life which in combination with the might of the sun and all the elements makes living possible for us on this planet Earth.

In our huge known universe, stark lifeless planets and moons orbit throughout the blackness of space with neither rivers nor birdsong to enliven them. Only our Earth shines in the great dark void, beautiful as a bride, glimmering blue with water through her veils of white mists and clouds. Can we honor our privilege, our uniqueness in the universe?

Water unites us, carries the life of all plants and sentient life. We are veritable miracles of alchemy! The lubricating moisture that allow me the keen pleasure

of swallowing food, and at once the flowing out of words and laughter. The stunning wonder of what takes place in the inner chambers of my metabolism where that coarse, chewed food is pulverized and swirled with chyle and chyme into formless chaos. Then it emerges, utterly transubstantiated into a miracle substance of nourishment when it passes through the magical wall of the intestine on its way to the wondrous oozing organ of life abundance, the ‘live -er”.

In the precisely tangled pathways of my kidneys, a perpetual purifying, cleansing and sifting of silt and toxins takes place insuring the flow of health and vitality to the organism. Within the hardened bone fortress of my skull, the magical universe of thought and knowing springs from the convoluted winding mass of brain - near weightless, for it is suspended ever so exquisitely in

its primal sea of water. How wholesome the sweat of honest work, how bittersweet the shedding of the hot balm of tears in response to sorrow and loss, to wonder and joy!

From the chalice of my heart, blood courses forth in four directions, returning spent from the journey to the periphery, coming back to renew at the faithful, holy center even as the seasons cycle around the sun. And in the microcosmic universe of my womb lived the miracle sea of watery life that held my babies, as they burgeoned into mortal existence beneath my ever beating heart - the sacred drumbeat of existence.

In the beautiful morning rain that came on this day to honor water, the cleansing was palpable and the afternoon gave way to clear horizons, sun and clouds, rainbows and dew touched blossoms and the Earth Mother’s sweet fragrant perfume that rises when rain blesses dry earth. In springtime the Earth gives us the beauty of her dreams. After a winter of alert activity within, she pours her abundance out in new leaf and blossom and breath-taking glory for us to witness. She is dreaming her abundance into every conceivable form of new life. We can only stand in awe before the phenomena such as the watery, chaotic soup that defines the innards of the caterpillar that miraculously remembers an imprint that will resurrect in the form of a delicate, shimmering butterfly. We are mortal and spiritual miracles and water unites us all.

Because water remembers. Water carries life. Water is selfless and so filled with empathy it unites and shapes itself to every vessel that receives it, carries the memory of everywhere and what has been. Water responds, as has been shown by open hearted researchers, to healing prayer and thoughts. Can we really change its form and quality with human influence? The message is clear. We need to honor water. We need to love water. We need to unite with others, even as water unites us all, to save our water on this precious planet - to save our water and our life.

Nancy Jewel Poer, March, 2017

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