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Returning a Bale of Straw?


I bought a bale of wheat straw at the local feed store and asked some questions about its history that they couldn’t answer, so I took it home and then called back the next day for the iinformation. The manager gave me the name of their supplier, one of the biggest hay distributors for northern California. I called the company and inquired if the wheat had been sprayed with the poison, Roundup, just prior to harvest. Yes, was the answer and it was also the case for all their suppliers. I had a touching conversation with the woman who answered. She had recently lost her husband to cancer and it had been especially hard because none of the doctors would consider that environmental pollution or food could have played a part in his illness.

So virtually all straw, except organic, has been poisoned. We have been told wheat seed has not been allowed to be genetically engineered, that is to become GMO seed (which basially means the seed is drastically altered so it can withstand the spraying of the poison, Roundup, to kill the weeds while it is growing. All major crops in the US are grown like this, corn, cotton, soy, canola, etc. and now there are all kinds of major weeds that are resistent to Roundup because, of course, Nature will not be mocked - The industrial answer - heavier poison.)

So why does our wheat get poisoned? Well, they spray it with Roundup to harvest it! ( active poison glyphosate - ( think hormone disrupters, intestinal gut disorders, cancer etc.) Yes, just as it is ripening the wheat fields are saturated with poison, the agri-business folks last hoorah before it goes for processing to your bread and breakfast cereal... Why? Because by killing the wheat they don’t have to wait for it to fully ripen and more kernals can be salvaged, but above all, the machinery likes working with dead wheat and straw. (Other crops that may be sprayed; oats, barley, lentils, beans, peas, sweet potatoes, sugar cane) Another case of profits more important than people, our sad, sad story in this country. I was buying straw to mulch my organic garden - poisoned straw? I don’t think so. Pity the poor folks following the nice little country magazine articles on growing food in straw. Lots of luck.

Did you know this? How can our authorities let this happen? Because the chemical industry owns our food system, and profit counts way over the health of people. Even machinery counts more than people! We now have the sickest generation of children in the country’s history,

allergies,diabetes, obesity, asthma, leaky gut, chronic diseases, unhealthy immune systems, epidemic of intestinal and hyperactive disorders and autism (vaccines play a part there but that is another story of profit over people) Monsanto and company ruthlessly ruin the careers of any scientist showing glyphosate causes cancer, infertility etc. and slams any state efforts to even try to label GMO food. But fifty five countries of the world, including China, do label GMO’s.

The US Dept of Agriculture is corrupted, and has been for years, by chemical agribusiness along with many so-called farm and food organizations. The vetting process for safety of our food is as follows: the US Ag Department looks to Monsanto and other industrial agribusiness giants to give them a report declaring their products are safe. You know what that answer will be! Agents of Monsanto and company have infiltrated every office of the US agencies with their attorneys. The slickest take over came when Monsanto lawyer, Michael Taylor, became agency head, and duped the whole country by having GMO’s declared GRAS (generally regarded as safe) with no further safety testing. He cleverly protected this travesty of willfully poisoning land, food, animals and people, and turned this nightmare loose to contaminate virtually our entire food system. You cannot poison your way to healthy food! Try buying sweet corn today without a pesticide in it, every cell contains a pesticide, primed and ready to corrupt your gut. Taylor later became the food czar of the US food under Obama. Agribusiness agressively puts their agents into government office through a revolving door that makes your head spin. Needless to say, support your organic local farmers and grow your own food! And support bio dynamic agriculture the highest quality possible in organic agriculture.

Corporate agribusiness will continue to destroy and tell you it is safe while killing the soil, the seed and harming people and say that is the only way to feed the world. It isn’t. They’ll tell you just eat it and don’t ask questions, or expect to know what’s in it, no worries. (Including Snopes) But this old lady isn’t buying it! And I hope you don’t, too.

Check out Moms Across for and join up with a team of savvy mothers making a difference and finding ways to counter this takeover.

Link: Papers on Chronic Disease increase with use of Glyphosate: herbicides/

Watch Dr. Theirry Vrain’s, Former GMO geneticist, on how glyphosate harms humans.

MIT research professor, Dr. Stephanie Seneff, on the effects of glphosate on human health

Read Poison Food in North America, Navigating the Glyphosate Mine field in our Food Web. Tony Mitra

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