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Spirit Rising Conference

As we gathered for the Spirit Rising Conference at White Feather Ranch,

November 17-19th, we were blessed by nature and beautiful weather following days of rain.

We came together like a microcosm of humanity, young and old, war vets and kindergarten teachers, teen agers and sages, millennials and boomers, a group richly diverse in representative ethnicity and life experiences. We began with the affirmation that as individuals with common humanity we are all connected, we have lived before, and we were now uniting in planting seeds of hope and spiritual striving going into the future.

We each brought along our loved ones on the other side - bringing them consciously, reverently and named - telling of the loss and the wonder of their stories. Our numbers multiplied tangibly as we were richly blessed in the sharings. We had connections to those with died in war, in the California wild fires, mothers of young families passing with cancer, and the sacrifice of the little children giving their lives through sickness and disasters.

We recognized and identified the forces working in the world today that would keep us in fear and rob us of our missions and our humanity. Jessica graciously wove the soul and practical threads to keep the conference flowing. Orland exemplfied the ripened wisdom and compassion that flows from a gifted soul and a conscious, disciplined path of spiritual development. Stan came with a lifetime immersion in art and Native American, Tibetan Buddhist and Christian wisdom. His painting from the Tibetan book of the dead and the journey after death is complimented with my (Nancy) recent portrayal of the Woman Clothed in the Sun of the Book of Revelations and the new spirit re-birth in our time.

So for three hallowed days, we met and connected in community, ate healthful food filled with loving nurturing (thank you, Iris!) had yoga at dawn, eurythmy in circles, and walked the labyrinth to melodious singing bowls. We sang often with awesome harmony and listened to moving original pieces accompanied with guitars. We danced, prayed, laughed,(indeed, we laughed for humor is bedrock necessity for our times!), and soaked up nature, beauty, and hope. We opened to connection with the Highest Spiritual Powers in the universe and all our beloved ones living in the spirit… a conscious acknowledging of the INVINCIBLE IMMORTAL TEAM , ever in service, ever giving us inspiration and protection as we pass through these perilous times. Spirit was rising( even as the candle flames are floating aloft in one of these photos) and in honoring and celebrating Life- and Eternal Life…. we rose together as well!

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