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Blessing at Dawn

I awoke this morning with my hands cradling my heart. It seemed symbolic of what is trying to come to be, the birth of my new heart, as with new beating it is striving for harmony and new pathways with the flow of life giving blood.

Before my surgery, my grand daughter Angelica in Norway, our son Gary’s oldest daughter, wrote these sweet words when it became clear I was now facing open heart surgery.


I understand you must be quite disappointed now, considering you didn’t qualify for the less invasive surgery.

If I understood correctly you and my Dad have the same condition. He had the surgery in a much younger age, but your heart is calling for this surgery just now. That is just too special, I think it has to mean something.

I just want you to not worry and to know it doesn’t have to mean mean your heart’s spirit will suffer by the slight remodeling of its home. It seemed to me you thought you could lose touch with your heart somehow because there is a new piece in there, but

I´m sure it´s not going to happen at all.

I experienced with my Dad, that he became much more open, sweet and softer.. his heart shining clearer through, he was more open, smiling and hugging people. But opening your heart also opens and allows for pain to come in. “

Interesting, the surgeon said similar words yesterday about “remodeling”. Rudolf Steiner speaks in a even more intriguing ways about the necessity of our creating new aspects of our hearts today to be able to perceive spiritual truths and ultimately ray out sun warmed wisdom into our lives and culture.... mystery after mystery!

In waking up this dawn, I look up to the star our son Gary made for his great grandmother for her 90th birthday when he was 18 years old. How lovingly he presented his gift on that day we celebrated her long good life!

Steiner’s “Star verse is there in my soul which includes the words..

My destiny finds me

I feel my star

My star finds me

I feel my goals

My goals find me

My soul and the world are one....

Life will be brighter around me

Life will be harder for me

Life will be richer in me.

Part of the ‘harder’ part will be the terrible disappointment that GMO labeling did not pass in Washington state today, causes I have worked so hard on this year including salmon as the AG industry used millions to lie and brain wash the general public that such labeling will cost them and all is well with the food supply, even as the soil is poisoned and people at increasingly young ages pour into our hospitals with early diabetes, obesity, bowel issues allergies etc.. Will this country be able to rise up in consciousness against the ‘profit only’ corporations that pull the strings at every level?


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