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FAMILY MEALS We are not only up to date but in the lead. Quite a feeling for one going into the final years of life to feel not only relevant but avante guard! And what is the reason. Family meals! Recently considered rather quaint and impossible it seems they are insurance against a variety of ills from decreased possibility of drug use, healthier diets for adolescents, anorexia and a variety of ailments. The science, the study has been done and these are the results! And all the parameters we put on it too. No quarreling aging or bickering, no correcting and disciplining and putting down, everyone tries a bit of everything, no one child or adult takes a phone call. In an age when families are virtually NEVER together except maybe briefly in the car and increasingly disappear into their own cyberspaces of video games, computers, TV etc on coming into home space. It seems the family table is a hallowed institution. Well it was in our house. We even made the table. It was to last for a long time, and it has,. Forty years to date. We had a Mexican style house at the time and made a table to seat eight easily and twelve cosily. Oh the time spent around it. We initiaialed the bottom with a router. With the grand children if evening we have candles and enjoy the subdued light and conversation invariably around family escapades and at the end Nathan asks to sit on his Dad’s lap and absorb more of the family lore, thus strengthening his matrix in this family, this time, and his importance I it. Te blessing is without question. And without antics. It is simply expected and with various stages of minor rebellions there is a smiling certainty among al the adults that this is the way it is….

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