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Holy Nights Series: The White Rose

…. Dr. Traute LaFrenz Page, a selfless life of healing and teaching and

living courageously in Michaelic service to humanity.

The White Rose

The White Rose was a small group of resistance fighters in Nazi Germany. Their last living member is a wonderful Anthroposophical doctor who founded and for many years guided the school for special needs children in Chicago, the Esperanza School. Dr. Traute Page is 101 now and lives in South Carolina. She was very close to Hans and Sophie Scholl of the White Rose and she was the only one to courageously be there after they were executed on February 22,1943, the anniversary of the birth of Dr. Ita Wegman (1876) who died three weeks later on March 4, 1943. Traute’s book, Long Live Freedom, published recently stands as a lived experience and testimony to a fascist takeover of a country and the subjection of people’s minds to be blind to destructive the acts of the Holocaust and the atrocities of Hitler far beyond humane moral conscience. She warns us to be awake to our times.

...The White Rose... were unable to simply live their lives as best they could once they understood that Hitler's Germany was a tremendous danger to humanity. Instead they started an active resistance against the barbarism and showed that there is a path from the mob to the self, a possibility for freedom for all of us no matter where we live and what we do. ...even though mass hypnosis and pressure to conform were extreme under Hitler, it is still present everywhere today. ..with that lurks the danger of fleeing from the self instead of preserving dignity and remaining a human being..... ... They fought for their ability to be individuals and to experience freedom.

from Long Live Freedom by Traute Page

The karmic group of young people, The White Rose, were vibrant, idealistic, passionate, young people, highly cultured and educated and inspired by a devoted Waldorf teacher, Erna Stahl, who helped awaken their critical thinking and firing their hearts with compassionate courage through great literature, music, and art. They were inclusive in their compassion for humanity and for diverse spiritual paths, but all acted with a higher moral Christ-imbued consciousness they each found through their own searches for truth. Theirs were not ideals merely reflecting popular family/religious influences. Most were medical doctors and medical students, some on the war’s front lines seeing what was really happening for Germany awake to the hideous deeds of the Holocaust and trying to warn the people.

Fearlessly Hans Scholl, his sister Sophie, Traute and the others clandestinely sent out leaflets to appeal to the higher nature and moral conscience of the educated strata of German society to stand up for the country and for humanity as they were doing. “Hitler cannot win the war, he can only prolong it.” They appealed to renounce “national socialist sub-humanism”, imperialism and Prussian militarism “for all time.” The reader was urged to “Support the resistance movement!” in the struggle for “freedom of speech, freedom of religion and protection of the individual citizen from the arbitrary action of criminal dictator states.” They were a very small group but their impact continues to this day. Their message is stunningly timely.

They paid with their lives.

Traute LaFrenz Page escaped death after several arrests by the Gestapo and spent over a year in prison. The Allies freed Germany just three days before her trial in which she undoubtedly would have been sentenced to death.

It is my view (and I had a conference above on this theme) that The White Rose individuals are a vanguard part of the powerful spiritual stream in human evolution and connected with Elijah, John the Baptist, Raphael and Novalis in our time standing for freedom, human rights, spiritual conscience in the face of blind allegiance and submission to political state demands to rule our lives. There are many resources where you can learn more


I would add these personal friends, also doctors that are standing up for humanity…Anthroposophical doctor, Dr. Kelly Sutton who has just lost her license in California for defending children with medical exemptions and courageously appealing, at great personal cost both financially and career wise, in a highly prejudiced Medical Board court trial to get the stories of vaccine harmed children on record.. Undefeated, the indomitable Dr. Kelly will be carrying on from Massachusetts with a new private member practice MICHAEL MEDICAL TRUST.. Please contact with words of support for her valiant stand for true holistic healing medicine.

Also Dr. Susan Johnson,MD FAAP, Anthroposophical behavioral pediatrician, has similarly been attacked and reprimanded for defending the medical needs of fragile children by writing an exemption for a needy child. Her website: has many invaluable articles of holistic view of children health and development. Call 916 638 8758 for appt. She lives in the Colfax area in California.

Dr. Nicole Shorrock one of two doctors chosen to testify at California legislative hearings in the defense of all children and their doctors and the sacredness of the pledge and trust between doctor and patients… Dr. Nicole Shorrock and her sister, Dr. Katie Long, both holistic functional medicine pediatricians with some Anthroposophical medical courses serve hundreds of families together in their practice. Ollie’s Medical Health,Inc Brave Michaelic leaders ALL! . Below, Kelly, Susan and Nicki


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