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When we are given a spiritual view of human development, such as a initiate/seer like Rudolf Steiner can do, there is no end of amazing, puzzling and mysterious connections that come to light. We are spirit, and we are human, we live in two worlds, finitely on earth and then usually for generous lengths of time in the spiritual world between lives. As near as I can tell there isn’t much of a ‘time out’ anywhere in the process!

At the puberty phase of human development, there is an intense concentration of life energy and destiny direction that takes place in the human heart. As a baby and young child, a radiating cosmic matrix of life, is bestowed around our heart, enfolding us from without. From seven to fourteen, we begin to replace that universal cosmic heart with one created out of our own life (etheric) forces, a heart bearing the stamp of our own unique individuality and this prepares us for puberty. This concentration of etheric life power and prepared heart space, then merges together with the ‘karma bearing‘ soul aspect of the individual that is fully born with puberty, There is a melding of the self prepared etheric heart matrix and the karmic soul (astral) intentions of the individual. The karma and intentions we brought with us into this life begin to radiate, to shine, and long to make their mark on the world. We begin to express our destiny intent in our actions and deeds and move toward their actualization. It is a powerful threshold. It is also why our young people need and deserve inspiring, courageous, understanding, life loving parents, teachers and other people around them.

At that point in my own life, at fourteen, visions, resolves, and hopes emerged for me, that have never lost their luster. They became deep, life long truths. I am still rather in awe of all that has come to pass. Like an inner resounding of some splendid cosmic chime that keeps reverberating, the vision and resolve were there, and have remained, echoes still resounding.

Those visions and knowings were as follows: First, I would have six children. Second, I wanted to meet and be with interesting people from all over the world. Third, I wanted to drink the full cup of life, (in a healthy sense of that resolve).

All these came true. I can look back on a life full of wonderful experience, hard experience, beautiful experience, and meetings with ever so many wonderful people from everywhere.

I have been privileged to know some really special people. Every one of them is interesting, and I can never plumb the depths of the complexity of each, but I certainly can rejoice in their impact in my life. In writing these stories, I hold all the good souls with deep appreciation who now support me in this sharing about life.

One of the most fascinating and colorful people I know is Chie, from Japan, now living in Thailand, who is like a daughter to us. When Chie calls on the phone, I pull out a pen and paper because what will be shared will be like no other connection I have.

Chie lives in two worlds, one on earth and the other actively in the spirit, and traverses the borders seemingly effortlessly. She is hearty, earthy and fun, she is full of spiritual insight and optimism. Hers is an ecumenical spirituality.

She has had gifts ever since childhood, when she was especially close to the nature beings and in easy communion with them. Upon meeting someone she can often quickly connect with their ancestors on the other side. She has re-inspired countless people, especially mothers whose children have died, to realize their children are doing well, and encourage the parents to take up their lives again after the intense loss. Her seer gifts multiplied with the death of her only child and son, Yasuhiro The two of them came into new connection across the threshold. She has a book of her story which I gladly share with those who might benefit. (My Angel Yasuhiro) I met her soon after Yasuhiro passed and have shared in her journey now for many years. She started from deepest tragic despair and the wish to die quickly to be with her son. She has become one of the most joyful, wise, and enthusiastic ambassadors of life that I know.

A conversation with Chie puts the most animated soap opera and TV sitcoms into slightly mundane, one dimensional categories! She can describe daily life and long ago events and inhabitants of the places she visits in spiritual context and always with a unique enthusiasm and cosmic humor.

Lately, Chie is receiving ever more abundance from the other side and is sharing it with me. I am impressed. It is profound and it is current and the statements are far reaching.... very far reaching. So take it however you will, but for me this all rings truthfully. I relate her message now, that it may give you support and insight as well.

Yasuhiro, her son, and her other guides have emphasized that we are in a time of enormous change. I don’t think that is a surprise to anyone. They also emphasize the speeding up of things.... Again, no surprise. But more specifically they relate the thought that the vibration of the Earth itself is changing. We know we are experiencing tremendous climatic extremes. She sees that the earth is going to cleanse and rise to a higher vibrational level. There will be many consequences.

Therefore the times call for human beings to make advances to higher refined vibrational levels of energy, of dedication and consciousness as well to go along with the changes of our planet. The preparation needed is intense.

Chie puts it thus:

People are experiencing many difficulties on multiple levels. She conveys that the challenges actually could be much worse, but says the angels are ‘modifying‘ these trials to be more bearable as smaller misfortunes because they are of the utmost importance.

People are being prompted be take care of karmic debts (YAKU) accumulated over many lifetimes. Be prepared for your turn.

Such is the nature of NOW. When your turn arrives know it, and accept it with calm resolve. This is the only way to facilitate the process. Do not resist lest your YAKU take deeper roots. Be grateful for the process. Facilitate it. Do not complicate it.

To facilitate, accept and surrender to what is taking place. Remain humble and grateful and you will be protected from its vile influence. Otherwise, it can be like jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire.

YAKU has many characteristics: strong, weak, good fortune and relations, it can ‘take root or not’, it can dis-ease mind and body. YAKU comes from you or from others. It is hard to avoid because it is already in you. It attracts and multiplies. When you become aware of YAKU face it promptly.

YAKU is present in thoughts and emotions (of you and others) as you go through daily life. Avoid envy and criticism. They darken the mind. YAKU thrives in a dark mind. Stop feeding YAKU your dark thoughts and emotions and eventually YAKU disappears. Be joyful and graceful. Keep good company. Avoid darkened people and situations lest you also be burdened with their heaviness, too. If you cannot avoid them, build a shield with prayer and song.

YAKU can come with our food. Select fresh, good food. Say a grace, give gratitude. Such simple actions can help make YAKU powerless. The thoughts and emotions of those who cook the food, those you connect with in daily life effect you too.

YAKU cannot survive in the light of consciousness. Maintain your thought/word/ action as one and without selfish egotism. (Act from the Higher self). Then whatever action you take can dissolve YAKU, like snow melts in bright sunshine.


The message seems to be that karma is speeding up too and we can choose to work with it or not. Chie brings the message that we need to change, even down to cellular changes in the physical body, our vessel for the spirit. Hard to put new wine in damaged jars. For sure we just can’t indulge in the same old, same old and expect new capacities and inspiration to manifest. We need to accept we have work to do to refine our energies preparation, cleansing, dedication and transformation at all levels; body, soul and spirit. Then we can lift our vibrational levels, too, and be part of the change, part of the evolutionary shift that our times are calling for.

Let me know how this resonates for you!


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