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The’Will The Good for Freedom’ FriendsAugust 29, 2021

Michael Aldinger, Cynthia Aldinger, Tim Aldinger, Mattias Baker, Lael Stimming, Natalie Pohley and baby Siegfried, Nancy Poer, Anne Carollo, Jessica Efstratis, Gabe Gibson, Susan Pelican, Myra Gibson, Lenu Pu, Svava Carlsen,  Anne Cope

Life has been deep and rich at White Feather Ranch over the past year with many wonderful people and children converging for celebration and deepening spiritual knowledge and supporting individuals and initiatives. There have been many wonderful small summit groups sharing strategies and healing possibilities that we can bring in the face of fear and isolation of the population through increasingly harsh ostracism and censorship of our human rights and voices.

Over the last six months, Jessica Efstratis, Svava Carlsen and I worked hard to create healing ceremonies that were gratefully received at White Feather Ranch. We then pondered a next logical step going forward.

We decided to try to identify, out of the many good souls we all know together, a few that might be counted on to make a stand for freedom, especially in light of terrible pending legislation and Covid apartheid looming in America.

On August 29, 2021  St John’s Day, we met in Carmichael at the big, welcoming home of Cameron and Carolyn Poer, family of Nancy Poer who was at the moment evacuated from White Feather ranch due to threatening fire danger and hazardous smoke from the terrible Caldor wild fire.

We began (and ended) by speaking together the empowering verse by Rudolf Steiner led by Nancy

Victorious Spirit

Flame through the impotence of Irresolute Souls

Burn out the Egoism, 

 Ignite the Compassion

That selflessness, 

The well spring of humanity

Strives to come forth as Spirit Rebirth!

Jessica led us in a group prayer for the protection of White Feather ranch  that is might be spared as a healing/social sanctuary for further freedom work going forward.  This day was decisive as to whether the fire would further endanger the property. Valiant fire fighters and pilots were doing everything possible, Yet smokey skies seriously hindered the operation.  Anne, the farmer/mom present, has a husband just back from the fire front lines.

It was a dynamic group of seventeen, including baby Siegfried and Lael’s daughter, helping care for him. Everyone visibly (no masks) grateful to be with the like-minded and many exhibiting the easy confidence of having had Covid and recovered without hospitalization.   One felt a collective sigh and immediate bonding in a release of pent up energy of months of tension.  Many had felt so isolated for so long and laughter soon prevailed in finally as we could naturally celebrate our humanity and seek strategies and resources for navigating hostile, oppressive times.

It was a wonderful cross section of strong individuals, teachers, parents, farmers, activists, midwives, Lena with expertise in pioneering legal instruments for defending our human rights, a professional chef and many artists and musicians including educators such as Cynthia Aldinger, the national leader of the Lifeways programs.  It was apparent the love of freedom and defense of human rights was a prevailing theme among us,  many with  deep connections to the land, with unshakable soul reverence for protecting the children and all precious spiritual imbued sources of life.  The need for asking and receiving with higher powers of assistance with ardent devotion to the Christ was freely spoken about and acknowledged. Many had not met before but the immediate camaraderie of joy, respect, and relief to have a setting of living life together in real time in normal human ways was palpable, including the potluck lunch we shared.

We heard the gripping story of  midwife/farmerSusan Pelican, who literally ‘took the bullet for us all’  when peacefully driving around the capitol in a social justice protest action and was shot in the temple with a small bullet and still managed to drive herself to the hospital!!  Tales flowed about mask stories of respectfully  going in public places with quiet, non confrontational intention.  A central theme was parents struggling to find means of getting their children in school without the onerous vaccine requirements.Individual Educational Programs (IEP’s) emerged as a strategy that would be accepted though it has complications too. The evolving thought was to never argue with those of different views, simply state our own stand when needed and stand up and speak out in our truth.  Central was the testimony of Lena Pu, who has been working for legally serving notices of liability, and bringing into dishonor the corrupted agencies, boards, governors etc. in many countries that are violating their oaths and protection of the people they are supposed to be serving.  Afterward, she shared with me the exciting news she can put her hard won body of evidence in the hands of Reiner Fuellmich, the famous German internationally known trial lawyer who owns a ranch in northern California and also works for Transparency International.  He once worked for Deutsche bank and discovered the enormous level of corruption occurring as they felt ‘above the law’ that they could do whatever fraud they wished to make money.  He then led the trials against that untouchable, banking behemoth in Germany as well as the trial for the crimes of Volkswagen, winning both lawsuits.  He is now gathering evidence for crimes against humanity by the vaccine cabal with evidence they planned and orchestrated the pandemic.  He is meticulously compiling incriminating evidence to confront their power, ultimately in a peoples’ court of law.  Like the trials in Nuremberg for medically experimenting on the population without consent.  Fuellmichs’ statement “proof will prevail.”  is in the excellent youtube video German Lawyer Sues the World Over Coronavirus 

As we gathered, horrific, out-of-control wildfires burned all over California and the West while in this state Governor Newsom faces recall on

Sept 14th. The alternative candidate that might block forced Covid vaccine is has his own issues.  The tension remains.   Bill SB455 had just been introduced in the California legislature,  a last minute attempted coup before the lawmakers disbanded that would  create an apartheid society where anyone not taking the vaccine is ostracized from life. It also has stated intent to go after all the children 12 and older in with flawed rationale that the un vaccinated are the cause of Covid.  It is common knowledge the hospitals are being flooded now with Covid recurrences in the vaccinated Covid patients as well.   Natural immunity, which millions have and can be accurately tested for, is being completely ignored. Healing medicines are censored and blocked so only vaccines can be ruthlessly  pushed as the solution.   Mercifully, the day following the meeting this pending draconian legislation was blocked by courageous medical freedom warriors at least for the moment. 

A year ago on this day, August 29, 2020, St. John’s Day, Robert Kennedy,Jr. Jr. spoke in stirring speech to the largest crowd ever assembled in Berlin to wake up to this giant fraud in the Covid pandemic to deceive the world.

It was heart warming to realize that among only seventeen people we had all the talents needed to form communities and create festival celebrations.  We offered White Feather Ranch for a festival time around Michaelmas, surely the most intensive Michaelmas that can be imagined  with dragon smoke and flames erupting all over California and calling forth our Michaelic courage and resilience on every front.  Many new exciting connections were made that will seed small groups and initiatives. Just as hoped when we put out the call!

The last line of the Foundation Stone verse by Rudolf Steiner affirms our common will…”.that good may become that from our hearts we would found and heads direct with single purpose.”

Nancy Jewel Poer, August 29, 2021


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