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Will Micha-el and His Angels Come to the Rescue?

So here’s the short version of the story. In the 19th century the Cosmic Christ was descending and fully permeating the realms closest to the earth to fulfill the long anticipated event of the Second Coming of the Christ to the world. This etheric realm is the delicate bio-Life sphere, the light sphere, of our Mother Earth that shows itself in bridal veils of clouds surrounding our planet, shining like precious jewel in the vast dark universe. The ever forming, creative world of air and clouds is the living breathing vitality of the planet itself. Long ago in Palestine, the risen Christ joined his disciples for forty days after Easter, and then he left them and was caught up into the clouds at Ascension time. It was promised then that he would return the same way... in the clouds.

Christ will not appear again confined to a mortal physical body, (he did that already). Now he is clothed as an angel-like being with a mobile vibrant, light-filled etheric life body capable of appearing anywhere and everywhere on earth at the same time. He is always present now even if unseen. He is appearing to some individuals in this angel presence or working through human beings, miraculously manifesting at unexpected times just when they are needed. He can appear to individuals in deepest despair in dire suffering beyond all hope. He brings just the right words, thoughts or ideas that are needed in the moment and gives the affirmation of our divinity and that we are eternally loved. This sacred appearance can come as a blessing to selfless devoted groups in all ideologies and walks of life that are gathered in earnest quest for spiritual guidance. This phenomenon of grace and blessing will become more common as time goes on. More and more individuals will experience the universal, cosmic Christ appearing in the etheric realm. Since 1933, his appearance lives as ever more vital possibility, even though the powers of darkness have tried to overcome awareness of the second Christ event through constant and terrible wars, calamities, and endless materialistic diversions. This radiant love imbued Cosmic Being died for all humanity and overcame mortal death and brought the seeds of resurrection into our hearts. This is our truth. But in the time of the 19th century when many souls, completely permeated by spirit-denying materialism, were dying and as they entered these heavenly etheric spheres right after death they were polluting and darkening the whole region. The dynamics of this battling process and the darkened souls coming up from earth, caused a dimming, a suffocation, we could say a second crucifixion of the Cosmic Christ being. Archangel Micha-el and his angels gave battle to clear the etheric space for Christ’s second coming.

For 38 years in earth time (1841-1879) the cosmic war was waged and in the end the etheric life realm surrounding of the earth was cleared and cleansed for the Christ power to reign. Then in 1879 Micha-el, the Archangel of the Sun, took over the guiding role as Archangel for the world and our time in history. He succeeded Gabriel, the Archangel of the moon and will shine and inspire in the leadership role for the coming 354 years. There are seven major archangels that rotate these positions of heavenly leadership inspiring and affecting humanity. Soon after Micha-el assumed leadership, in 1899, world evolution emerged from a prolonged spiritually dark age called Kali Yuga. By that time humanity was hoped to be advanced enough to be ready to truly take up the work of living in freedom, brother/sisterhood, moral conscience and love.

Micha-el is Christ’s warrior of light. Micha-el is literally spoken of as the countenance of Christ, the radiant light of Christ shining through his steady, somber gaze. His dazzling sword of meteoric iron, of heavenly starlight and divine light, points the way to higher thinking, to the cleansing our souls to become capable of receiving light and love and fire-filled heart forces to serve Christ and the holy moral good on earth. The Archangel Micha-el is recognized and celebrated in many cultures throughout the ages and is personified in earthly legend in stories of St. George and the dragon. Micha-el is the heavenly fighter to redeem mankind, to transform the dragon muck of our lower forces urges and unfree lower desire-driven actions to lift them up into our higher divinely blessed selves. Micha-el is fearless. He is the epitome of courage. He clears the way. He is often pictured with a scale, weighing up our virtues. He works in concert with the other three principle archangels, Uriel, Raphael, and Gabriel, throughout every year. Uriel is the angel of moral conscience, Raphael, the angel of healing, Gabriel, the angel of annunciation of divinity born for anew humanity at Christmas time.

Now here is the unfortunate and tragic down side of that war in heaven event that ended in 1879. When the etheric realm surrounding earth got cleansed of the polluting dark energies, all the dark forces and dragon demons once infecting, polluting and raging there, all got dumped on earth - like a giant dumpster load of debris. And the results aren’t pretty. These malevolent demon invaders immediately began infiltrating human brains and minds, possessing them with dark thoughts of power, greed and destruction. Rudolf Steiner gives a “no holds barred” description of the process in The Fall of the Spirits of Darkness lecture series. This infection pollution of human minds and souls that followed the great garbage dump was gleefully overseen by Anti- Christ Luciferic, Ahrimanic, and Asuric energies along with the greatest adversary of world evolution, Sorat, the sun demon, the antithesis and opponent of the healing love of Christ in world evolution. Instead of the spark of light of Christ to be imprinted in the soul of humanity, Sorat wants the vile false God substitute of an Ahriman/Sorat infection implanted.

Sorat has tremendous power and it is especially concentrated on humanity every 666 years to negate the work of Christ. Our time is one of them, the whole 1998 general era we live in. Sorat obeys no rules or laws of engagement and works out of the powerful energy of the black magic path. When these especially dark energies hit the planet at the end of the 19th century, things were lining up with diabolic synchronicity for their plans of dominion over humanity.

On the upside, since 1879, youth movements were arising everywhere across the world, with a new sense of freedom, individuality and love of life, nature and community being born in their souls. Through the ever new resurrecting insights they were bringing a spiritual break through has come about in spite of materialistic powers of our age. In the higher impulses of the young people in the youth movement the early 1900’s and of the 1960’s (though it was quickly side lined then by drugs for many) began a realization of past lives, of karma, of spiritual existence of the world of angels, all views which are quite widespread among the population now, especially awareness of their loved ones continuing existence in the spiritual world after death. That was followed by the wonderful cultural phenomena that occurred because advanced medical technology actually aided and made possible a serving of the higher good through being able to save the lives of many people who might have otherwise died. Those individuals then came back to tell us of their near death experiences (NDE’s) in the spiritual world and many that experienced this never feared death again. They have seen and known the eternal light power and love of Christ and spoke of this with many names for him and the wonder of it. Millions experienced this. Many small children also have had near death experiences and can tell of them in beautiful, simple, innocent stories of this truth. They also can tell often of their past lives in these early years. Little children can’t be dismissed as culturally indoctrinated with such ideas. These break- throughs to the higher realities of human existence are golden and can fill us with hope for progress of spiritual light and might in these perilous times.

So let us hold that hope even while soberly taking in the stark reality that since 1879, the amoral, scientific materialistic penetration of secrets and forces of nature and Ahrimanically permeated sub-nature were rapidly escalating in cleverness and intensity. Along with spiritual breakthroughs, the trajectory was set to lead humankind on to a path of subhuman, AI transhumanism and a complete severing of the spiritual connection between humans and the divine. Sorat/ Ahriman can influence human beings to choose to serve evil and some of them do so in full consciousness. They are lured to do so by the great power given to them in the process through black magic, the dark path. Wealth, power, dominion, destruction and unholy glee in the enslavement and suffering of human beings become their goals. Adolf Hitler, filled with such powers was able to hypnotize and rule over Germany, overpowering a capable nation and people. Cruel dictators reign with similar dark powers, such as Mussolini, Stalin, Pol Pot, Kim Jong-un, etc. These are the faces of outer subjection. Other malevolent players work through finance, banking, government, laws, policies, some quasi-religious/spiritual groups and organizations posing and masquerading as beneficial for humanity yet in fact preparing that way for the work of the Anti-Christ to take over humanity. Especially in these last decades mind control has been highly developed, techniques to perpetuate power were perfected in secret government drug/torture experimentation, how to apply brain washing, continuous outpourings of confusing and dehumanizing propaganda, insidious appeals to lower nature desires for comfort, apathy, lust, hardening the soul, cutting the spirit off from it’s source. Subjugation is also achieved by manipulating people and politicians through fear, bribery, death threats and black mail. These dark means of human control were perfected in the inhuman experiments and techniques of mass murder through the Nazis, driven by the black magic Hitler and his minions deliberately employed.

Many of our modern technologies were introduced as beneficial and progressive and indeed many can be and we need be grateful for them. Yet today our surveillance and bodily invasive technology is ultimately being planned by the adversaries to work for our destruction as human beings. Never have such powerful means of tracking and control been available to those in power. Through the state ownership of our bodies, currently being promoted in mandates of forced injections, and made necessary in order to work and live is part of this sordid aim to control body, soul, and spirit ultimately. Our very existence on earth is threatened as the dark powers working through such economic and governmental policies and individuals that would destroy our Mother planet itself.

We can further realize the tragedy of our current age when we realize the back story and dynamics of the spiritual world. The Archangel Gabriel had held reign up to 1879, over the evolutionary epoch in the years that proceeded Micha-el’s rule. Gabriel reigned through inspiring humans through the blood, the racial inheritance, the family line, the genetics and that was the source people turned to for their power, strength, inspiration and human identity. The huge upheaval and transition from blood line identity to cosmopolitan consciousness, and world and universal brotherhood and sisterhood that is asked of us by Micha-el is monumental indeed. There was expectation and hope spiritually that humanity would begin to regain cosmic remembrance and the ability to act out of our higher divine nature and greatest humanity. This has proven deeply challenging for many souls who have been unable to wake up and grow in consciousness. It is quite understandable this would be the case on many levels, but we can also see the truth of the problem.

This lower level of group soul consciousness continues to reap destruction everywhere that tribal, ethnic identity dominates as the primal identity people claim for themselves, instead of their divine cosmic ‘I AM’. Age old ethnic and racial hatreds continue to plague our world. Prejudice, exclusion and blood shed have followed this lesser identification as we have sadly repeatedly witnessed in our times. The great need is for the soul to honor, recognize and live out their unique spiritual individuality instead of the lower ego and group identity mentality. It is meant for humanity that moral individuals retain and magnify their unique capacities and choose in free will and mutual respect to unite in the common good with others. This will be the ultimate creative community power to come.

But here we are and need to awaken to the fact that these spiritual dark forces, malevolent groups and energies are behind the spiritual battle we sense and can see is going on is real for the enslavement of the human being body, soul and spirit.

We can take heart that individuals in each generation come with a spiritual biography and have lived many lives before and they bring new impulses into each era. Many of the younger generations have an open mindedness, tolerance and generosity of heart and can bring wisdom beyond their years if not sabotaged along the way by cynical and hopeless materialism. Medical doctor, Ita Wegman who worked in close colleagueship with Rudolf Steiner stated that “hence these young people long to find and know the spiritual in nature and have dissatisfaction with existing institutions, outlived civilizations, and are longing for something new that has never been done before.” We can be further heartened that a few hundred years ago Micha-el created a great school in heaven. Through several centuries, thousands upon thousands of souls, in between their earth lives attended this initiation wisdom school. There they were enlightened and educated and pledged to come into incarnation in our crucial time of history for their missions. These souls prepared for just these times and they are living and working all over the world for justice, earth and human rights and freedom. Furthermore, there are highly evolved Michaelic groups at work in the highest heavenly spheres of the universe. They are united in helping inspire communities and connections on earth to resonate and mirror their love and dedication to serving Christ as spiritual warriors and fighting the battle for the future of humanity with the Ahirmanic/Soratic demon forces, here and now. The heavenly communities are pouring all possible inspiration into willing souls on earth to create communities with the united will to do the good.

In the stark style of black and white woodcut art, the prescient Dutch artist, Albrecht Durer, (1471-1528) astutely captured in his famous work, The Knight, The Devil and Death, the soul/will power needed for awakened individuals in our time. This seasoned knight is resolutely choosing his action and his path. He is able to discern, to see through to the truth, regarding the evil that surrounds him. He has the ultimate courage to ride forward in the face of evil. With tempered self- discipline he can resist the temptations and allurements of the devil and demons, and has fearless mastery in the face of death. He knows the higher spiritual power he is determined to serve and die for. Rudolf Steiner writes that in the long arc of history, evil will be redeemed and it will be through those who can meet evil face to face and experience the development and power of their higher Ego, the “I AM” in having the courage to do so. He speaks of this as the ultimate Christ path of courage, faith, and love in Manichaeism.

Micha-el is the fearless leader and inspirer of our time on this earth. Many of the hierarchies have given up on humanity as a hopeless cause. But not Micha-el. He is there for us. He wants us together to come to the rescue of humanity. He has our back. This is his battle. He brought this battle down to us on earth and wants us to fight it with him - to join the army of freedom. For Micha-el is the leading Archangel of freedom, of transcending everything that divides mankind, that keeps us from realizing our heaven-sent, God-given divine nature as spiritual beings, merely clothed in human garb with gender and national identities. He lifts our eyes to our cosmic citizenship beyond prejudice and false pride of superiority as a race or nation, as a select or privileged group. He scorns nationalism, all that divides by human beings by gender, status, bloodline, wealth, family pedigree, language, exclusive groups and communities, claiming privilege and special treatment and adulation. He champions the awakened spiritual individual who chooses to join others of all backgrounds in upholding the highest spiritual striving for the evolution of humanity. He loves initiative and courage. But he will never interfere, but waits for our impulse to arise to stand for the good in the greatest freedom. Then he can be present in sponsorship of the cause.

With the battle in heaven, and Micha-el assumed rulership of our time, with the magnificence of Christ’s resurrection becoming an ever wider, ever more relevant reality throughout the whole world we can take hope. We can stand in awe and wonder and take deeply into our souls this amazing cosmic reality/possibility/opportunity that is taking place now, during our lifetimes! We get to be alive now, in these hard, hard times to create little daily miracles of true life lived as human/divine souls to create the future. We each have a special contribution to offer, however meagre it may outwardly seem to be.

Each of us, out of our own unique spiritual individuality can accomplish just that individual task that is our mission and make our humble offerings in special contribution to the great whole of life. Will we say, “Yes!”?

Can we envision our planet surrounded with holy sun-filled drops of love-filled spiritual seeds blown by the winds of the Holy spirit? Can we imagine this life giving substance ever miraculously multiplying, fragmenting, sharing bursting forth in infinite showers of divine celestial radiance and spreading from here to eternity? The Christ power that was subdued in the etheric realm of the earth is rising again in human souls - splendid in scope and radiance.

This is the good news! The Christ power that was once darkened in the etheric realm of earth has arisen in new life! He is here at our sides and the blessed Holy mother is ever present as well. This power beyond all others is miraculously resurrected, multiplied, individualized and has become an infinite omnipresent shower of sparks of heavenly soul/spirit forces that seeks a home in the hearts of every single human being choosing to open and prepare heart space for the miracle to become. With angelic generosity and divine grace this holy spark is placed in the hearts of every little baby that is born. The earliest years when the soul still open, tender, innocent and divine. This is the precious light in the baby before egotistic personality of the lower self can comes to the fore. Thus in every soul, the power of resurrection lives through Christ’s sacrifice for all humanity. We can choose, or not, to welcome and honor and nurture this divine gift of life, for our own fulfillment as a human being today, and for all humanity.

Micha-el’s army is a completely volunteer army, no conscription, no promises of career rewards or college education for signing up. No external veterans benefits, only possible heavenly gratitude and rewards beyond price. There are even no rules of age, gender, or worldly diplomas of trainings required to join Micha-el. No grueling physical fitness boot camp requirements. Only a boot camp training nof facing our inner demons and habits and owning and bringing them into submission to our higher mission in life. And willingness to act in service of the higher good. All can join and serve that choose to serve.

This is an army of courage and love - Love of Christ, Love of Sophia, Love for the world, Love for humanity, Love for life, Love for truth, beauty and good. Love for Freedom, justice, and human rights and Love to create God’s goodness on earth.

Preparation consists of honoring our higher selves, our ‘I AM’s, defending them against all foes, letting our true selves shine as the golden sovereign ruler of our lives and the conqueror of our unique versions of our dragons. We pledge to be ready and willing to do real deeds for the good in every way we can. Then we can stand before Micha-el/Christ and give our commitment to serve outwardly and inwardly, asking that our precious “I AM” be enlivened and united with divine light of Christ and made glorious in the eyes of God and man. The vow can be these few holy words, “Not I, but Christ in me!”

Nancy Jewel Poer, February, 2022 Art by Liane Collot d’Herbois, Iris Sullivan, Nancy Jewel Poer, Nina Sorbert, Albrecht Durer.


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